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My First Trip :

It was Sunday when I went on my first trip dated 30 December 2019. The place where I went was Kullu. This was very exciting for me. I and my three friends were going on the trip. We were going to celebrate new year’s eve. So I pack my bag and went on my first adventure. We took a bus to reach our destination. This is best place to visit.

Our journey started at 11:00 a.m and we reached our destination late at night at 10:00 p.m. Manikaran was the first place where we reached. We took the dinner and going to sleep. Our old friend Bijju Bhai was there and we use their room to spend our night.                                          

Manikaran is famous for its hot water springs. We woke up the next morning 31 December and take a bath in the infamous hot water springs. This is a small town. It attracts tourists visiting Manali and Kullu its hot water springs and pilgrim center.

This hot water is very useful for skin disease because sulfur is available in this hot water. Which is useful for skin and other kinds of disease. In Manikaran there are a lot of Lord Shiva temples and Gurudwara Sahib.
After taking bath we were goes to Kasol. Kasol is 4 kilometers back from Manikaran which is called mini Izrile. There is a lot of shops and restaurants that are Izriley type. We were going to Kasol taking walk.

Kasol is famous for rave parties, beautiful locations and adventurous places to visit. We celebrate the new year’s eve party in Kasol and back again Manikaran. We take dinner and going to sleep. The next morning was very important for us because we were going to tracking in Kheerganga.

It was 1 January of 2020 and the day was Tuesday. We were going to Kheerganga. It is 18 kilometers away from Manikaran. So we use the bus to reach Barshaini. It is a village which is back from Kheerganga. After Barshaini the distance of Kheerganga is 13 kilometers. So we start our tracking. Many peoples were participating in that tracking. The path was very difficult to reach Kheerganga.

In Kheerganga’s way, many small restaurants are made of cedar woods. So finally we reach our destination. There is also a hot water spring. We take bath and our body was refresh again. And we were ready for the new year party. So we celebrate the new year party very much. The next morning we were back again Manikaran.
We stayed one day in Manikaran. And we rest the whole day. Then the next day we go to Malana. The historic and India’s oldest democratic village. In this village, India’s constitution is not followed by its people.

They make their own rules and regulation to run the village. And everyone in this village obeys those rules. Malana is famous for the production of world-class marijuana. This is used for medicines and other health-related problems. This place is quite beautiful.
We stay there one night and the next day we were back in Manikaran. In Manikaran we stay there for two days. And after that, we back home. This is an amazing trip for us. We can’t forget that trip for a long time. Travel is a long-time memory that we can’t forget these memory lifetimes.


Hey guys, my name is Vikram Singh Thakur and I am very enthusiastic about travelling. This is one of my favourite hobbies. Travelling is the way where you can know about the world as well as yourself. Travel takes away your hesitation and makes you stronger from within. And I suggest you go on travelling at least once.

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