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Fair and Festivals

Fairs and festivals are the identities of our culture. In this article, you know about the fairs and festivals of Arki. It is a small town but very famous for its fairs and festivals. Especially for its fairs because the people of this place celebrate every fair with joy and happiness.

Arki is a town and famous for its fort built in the late 18th century. It was the capital of that time hill state of Baghal and there are many places to visit. The Arki kingdom was quite dispersed at that time. And it was very famous for its fairs and festivals. People have come here from many places. Below is the summary of fairs and festivals which are celebrated in Arki.

Sair Fair:

Sair Fair was one of the oldest fairs which are held every year. This fair is held on September 16/17 (Sankranti of Ashwin) every year. This is a very famous fair of Baghal Princely state. The fair is focusing on buffaloes fighting. The local people trained their buffaloes for this fair. On this day huge crowd is come here to see this fight. The fair is started to worship of goddess “Kaali Mata” and then a fight is started. This fair lasts for two days.

And the night program is quite cool. Bollywood and Punjabi singers and comedians are come here to entertain the people. But since 2015 the event is not taking place. The High Court of Himachal has banned the buffalos from fighting. And then all other cultural events take place. But all other program remains same.

Badi Dhar Jatra:

The very well-known and famous fair of Arki is Badi Dhar Jatra. This fair is dedicated to “Paanch Pandava’s”. The fair is held on June 14 every year. On this day five of Pandava’s brothers are come from different places and meet together. All brothers come from their sedan and people lift that sedan. This fair is a symbol of brotherhood. Such is the belief the Pandavas spent their last year of exile in this place. And after the “Mahabharata” war Pandava’s come here to search “Lord Shiva” for the attainment of salvation.

Baniya Devi Fair:

Baniya Devi is the oldest temple of Arki. Every year here two fairs organize in one year. On the occasion of   “Navratri”, the reverent people come here in a large amount. And they take the blessing of goddess “Baniya Devi”. This temple is situated in village Bakhalag Tehsil Arki. The temple is surrounded by dense trees. And this is the tourist spot also in some years.

Festival of Dussehra:

During the “Navratri” in Arki Ram Leela will be organized. So, on the last day of “Navratri” when Ravana is killed by Lord Rama, the festival is started. A huge crowd will come to see this festival. This festival is a symbol of good over evil. Many people learn meaningful lessons from this festival. And people try to implement it in their lives.

Danoghat Jatra Fair:

This is another fair which is celebrated on 28 of May. On this day many “devata’s” come and dance together. Fairs begin in Arki from this day.

And there are many fairs and festivals which are celebrated in the town. Fairs and festivals reflect our culture and customs.


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