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Badi Dhar Hills

There are many religious and spiritual places in Himachal Pradesh. That’s why it is called “Dev Bhoomi”. Badi ki Dhar (Badi Dhar) is on of the holy place of Himachal Pradesh. Because “Paanch Pandava” meet here every year in mid-June. When Pandava’s are their exile, they spent their last year on this place. So, every year they meet here. This is best place to visit and it is one of the famous fairs of Arki.

On this day about five to eight thousand peoples are watching this amazing scene. This is the counter of brother’s love. This fair will organize thousands of years. This is the faith of people who will maintain this fair long year. Local people call him Bara Dev. And the amazing fact about this place is earlier Shimla was built here. At that time British rule in India. So, they did not take the permission of Lord Bara Dev. And they didn’t build Shimla here.

The fair will organize here every year. Four “Pandavas” are coming to this place and meet their fifth brother who already lives here. This confluence is called “Badi ki Jatra”. The fair is dedicated to Lord Shiva and as well as Pandavas. A beautiful yatra of Pandava is done in the presence of huge number of people.

Fun and Adventure Top of The Hills

This place is quite beautiful. It is famous for adventure. Visitors can enjoy group trekking tours and another kind of things here. This place is surrounded by big forests and trees. So, this is the perfect place for fun and adventure lovers. The climate of Badi Dhar is so cool and refreshing in summer. That’s why a lot of people come here in summer. In winters the climate of this place is very cold. Because in winters it is very snowing here.

Mythology about this place

The local people are called the Pandavas are coming here after the “Mahabharata” battel. They went here in search of Shiva. Pandavas thought that they killing their own brothers in war so they come here for attainment of salvation. They worship Lord Shiva here and get salvation. So, that’s why the local people and the committee members held the big festival here every year.

How to Reach Badi Dhar

Badi Dhar is 60 Kilometers from Shimla. The nearest station to reach Badi Dhar hills is Arki. About 25 kilometers of Badi Dhar from Arki. You can take a bus or book a taxi to reach Badi Dhar. Another way to reach Badi Dhar is Solan to Badi Dhar bus service. The bus start journey from Solan to Badi Dhar at 1:30 p.m. And the bus reach on destination about 4:30 p.m. These are the ways to reach this beautiful place.

Things to do in Badi Dhar

When you reach in Badi Dhar hills first you can see the temple of Lord Shiva. So, you can worship Shiva. And then you can visit Lord “Yudhishthira” temple. The people are called him “Bada Dev”. The place-name is also kept the Bada Dev name.

After that you can go on temple of Bada Dev sister named “Buda Devi”. The story behind it once Bada Dev slapped his sister and her face turned. That’s why she got this name. If you are going for fun and adventure so you can enjoy your trip. And If you are going with your family so take blessings from god.


Hey guys, my name is Vikram Singh Thakur and I am very enthusiastic about travelling. This is one of my favourite hobbies. Travelling is the way where you can know about the world as well as yourself. Travel takes away your hesitation and makes you stronger from within. And I suggest you go on travelling at least once.

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